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Women’s personal safety secret – Trust your instincts

Women are very well aware of what intuition is. They frequently know things without needing any background information to support it. At times an outcome might be visualized, at other times they might hear what seems like the silent answer for a question, at times they might have a physical feeling of what the right thing to do is and at times they just know without exactly knowing how.


Intuition is referred to as gut feelings sometimes. Fortunately, kids, teens and men can have gut feelings as well just like women do, in order to make good choices and be safer. Since women tend to be the largest cheerleaders for their loved ones safety, let’s be sure we are clear about the way gut feelings work as well as how they can be used for your benefit.


Information On Gut Feelings


– They are survival instincts you are born with

– It is their job to help keep you alive

– They are personal for every person

– There is no need to compare them since they could be opposite of somebody else’s gut feelings

– What might be safe for you might not be for your family or friends and vice versa

– They can be either bad or good (something indifferent can be categorized as good)

– You have these feelings about nearly every situation, place and person that is part of your life

– The key here is listening, feeling, seeing and follow them, especially when they are at their strongest

– It is always a good idea to follow them but it something that is done rarely


Gut Feelings Examples


– You meet somebody for the very first time and instantly like them

– You meet somebody for the very first time and without knowing why dislike them

– Somebody tells you something but you have the feeling that it isn’t true

– You need to make a decision and although there is information pointing to one choice, you have a gut feeling that the other one is the better choice

– You know something will turn out in a certain way but don’t have any supporting evidence for it

– You have creepy feelings about somebody and know it is unsafe for you to be close to them


Acknowledge Your Gut Feelings


Maybe you didn’t realize you have had gut feelings all the time about everything pertaining to your life. In order to prove it to yourself, think about somebody you love and then pay attention to the first sense or feeling you have about this person. The think about somebody who weakens or dis-empowers you, and notice how you feel. Although those feelings might come from knowing these people already, this exercise still illustrates how opposite gut feelings can feel.



When you acknowledge your gut feeling and realize how frequently you have them, you can fine tune them. That’s the best way of living safer. However you do need to follow them as well.


You need to take responsibility yourself for your personal safety, your family’s safety and your home as well. We have all heard and read stories of individuals putting themselves in dangerous situation or hesitating to trust their instincts. They often will say, “something was telling me not to” or I should have known better.” Don’t be a victim!

Dedicated to your Peace of Mind and Real Security,

Ventures Unlimited

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