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Why self-defense products are needed by college age women

Female self-defense is more important than it has ever been for college-age women. A record number of women are now attending college. For the very first time in history more women are attending college than men. If you stop and think about that, it’s really amazing. Then again, it’s about time, isn’t it?


There is a lot for college-age women to be concerned about anytime they are away from their college campus. One of the things heading this list is female self-defense. This is where self defense items and self defense products can be very useful. Within the past 20 years or so they have really become popular and provide a form of nonlethal self-defense.


Women in general and college-age women in particular in 9 out of 10 cases are the ones targeted in violent acts. That is a very frightening statistic! However, it has been that way forever – it is a fact of life. These women need to realize that, at some point in time, they will be targeted as one of the victims of these violent acts and need to take proactive steps when it comes to female self-defense. This is especially true for women attending college.


If they are aware of these facts, it will allow them to begin to become familiar with nonlethal self-defense alternatives and self-defense products that are commonly used on college campuses these days.


Many individuals believe that being on a college campus means they are safe. Unfortunately, that is not true. According statistics, when women are on college campuses they are more likely to become a target compared to the general population. Here are the reasons why.


The 18 to 21 year old males who are on campus, have high level of hormones. When you add in some alcohol and drugs and curious young college students search for excitement and adventure, that’s a recipe for potential disaster. This is on campus.


When it comes to off-campus activities, these can have their own challenges since local thugs are often attracted to what they see as rich, young kids. They can offer easy targets for rape, robbery and assault. Only so much can be done by campus police. Coeds are pretty much on their own after they leave campus.


When it comes to their self-defense, this is where college-age women can really be helped by nonlethal self-defense products. Self-defense products such as personal alarms, pepper sprays and stun guns are very popular with young college-age women.

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