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Who is in need of Self Defense Products?

There was a story recently on regarding a sheriff from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He had been running a radio ad encouraging local residents that they should learn how to use firearms in order to defend themselves while they were waiting on the police to arrive. The way police are able to respond to crime has change due to law enforcement cutbacks.

The sheriff also said that individuals are responsible for playing a role regarding their own safety, with assistance from law enforcement. However, there are fewer resources available and we can’t be everywhere, but we need to start giving individuals this impression. We completely agree with the sheriff. People need to take responsibility for their own self-defense, personal security and home protection.

There have been cutbacks in all cities across the country that have affected the sheriffs’ department, police department and all of the various law enforcement agencies. That makes the response times on calls for assistance longer, and puts regular citizens in danger.

The question is still: Who is in Need Of Self Defense Products

If you happen to be a single, younger woman who is in a relationship or a married woman, you have a one out of four chance of getting into a domestic violence dispute at some point with your spouse or partner and wind up being subjected to some form of abuse: financially, mentally, physically or some other way you can be taken advantage of by your partner in order to gain control over you. It is quite sad that women must worry over those types of things. One out of three women all over the world are domestic violence victims.

College-age women have a one in three chance of being sexually assaulted while on campus. Many individuals mistakenly believe that off campus strangers perpetuate these assaults. Although some of them do take place, a majority of assaults that occur on campuses are committed by individuals known to the women.

That is what has led to the term “date rape.”

Whether you are single or married, if you are a woman there is a target on your back from predators who have a tendency to prey on women coming out of shopping malls. They tend to often be distracted, through talking with friends, taking on their cell phones, or by their children. They are easy targets for perverts who find secluded, darkened areas of parking lots to hang out in at a commercial shopping mall.

Every women needs to concern herself with self-defense. An absolute necessity for all women is female self-defense.

In summary, nearly every woman needs to carry some type of self-defense product such as pepper spray or a stun gun to disable an attacker and defend herself against assault. What we recommend is  a key chain pepper spray that you can take with you anywhere you go and always be available to you.

Our  stun guns can stop an attacker in his tracks, and prevent you from getting assaulted.

Dedicated to your Peace of Mind and Real Security,

Ventures Unlimited

P.S. A majority of people admit they should purchase these products, but unfortunately it tends to be after it is too late. Do not let that happen to you!

P.P.S. Each business owner is aware of the fact that security is needed for thieves trying to break in, customers who shoplift, and from employees who steal. Use our Hidden Cameras and Surveillance Systems to protect yourself.

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