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When you go on vacation

* One of the times your home is most vulnerable is when it is left empty when you go on vacation. Darkened windows, retrieved mail or newspapers and closed windows in hotter weather to advertise your absence to potential burglars.

* The best protection for your apartment during your absence is to have a house sitter. A friend staying at your house taking care of your pets, plants in addition to making sure your house is inhabited.

* Have a neighbor check on your apartment while you’re away – turning on lights, tv, radios. Opening and closing curtains will give your apartment the appearance that someone is at home.

* If you don’t have a friend or neighbor to housesit while you’re away – perhaps even if you do – you should keep not only lights, but also¬†a TV or radio on a timer. If you’re like me and have your TV on almost all the time – (NOTE: I don’t watch it, it’s just background noise), the absence of the sound and that blueish lights in the windows will announce that you’re not there.

* Make sure whoever is checking your apartment while you’re away knows how to work your alarm system and who to call in case of an problem.

* Unless you have a housesitter, stop your mail, and any newspaper or other delivery. Nothing announces an empty apartment better than a stack of newspapers or an overflowing mailbox. Ask a nearby neighbor to pick up any packages delivered while you’re gone.

* If you have a garden or plants growing on your balcony, make sure someone is watering the plants regularly or put the plants where they can’t be seen. Plants slowly dying due to lack of water may announce your absence.

* Check your lease. Many landlords require that you notify them if your apartment is going to be left empty for any period of time ( this so that they can enter if you can’t be reached ). If you’ve got a housesitter, this won’t be necessary.

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