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When the lights went out

Ever since her husband died, Abby felt a little less safe in their brown brick townhouse. They had always wanted to live in the city together, so they saved up what they could and bought a little fixer-upper in a blossoming neighborhood.

Then Dave got sick.

Before long, she was on her own again She wanted to hang on to the good memories of that house, feeling confident that she and her neighbors were driving the bad element off the block.

Still, she always made sure that she was prepared for the worst. So, when the lights out on her during a violent thunderstorm, she headed downstairs to the broom closet to get her favorite flashlight, a gadget David had bought for her their last Christmas together.

Sixteen and a half inches long, Abby loved how it lit up a room. She turned it on, and looked for her emergency radio, Red and blue lights flickered through the windows, so she figured that the lights would be back on soon.

As she swiveled around, the bright light fell upon a strange face. Abby gasped.

“Don’t make a sound,” growled the stranger, “or I’ll hurt you.”

It didn’t take Abby a second to lunge at the stranger with the flashlight. He grinned, expecting to deflect a blow. Instead, he received a 750,000-volt jolt of electricity from the flashlight’s built-in stun baton.

Abby loved that flashlight for a reason.

Rushing over to a window, she activated the flashlight’s piercing alarm. Cops outside saw her waving and rushed up to her building. She found out later that her attacker was a convicted criminal who escaped when his prisoner transport vehicle crashed into a utility pole.

That explained the blackout and the stranger in her home. The police sergeant had a blast explaining to his staff how Abby used an innocent looking flashlight to nab one of the city’s most wanted criminals. And Abby felt David’s presence in their home even more.

Dedicated to your Peace of Mind and Real Security,

Ventures Unlimited

Dedicated to your Peace of Mind and Real Security,

Ventures Unlimited

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