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When the bug detector chirped

“But Rhonda, ” Nigel pleaded. “Nobody has been able to get in or out of the mansion while the boys have been working on their new album”

Rhonda paced the room. As the manager of one of the top rock bands in the world, she rented out a private estate while the boys sketched out some new songs, while enjoying some privacy. Instead, her assistant Nigel, reported that an entire set of pirated lyrics had shown up on the Internet.

Because no staff or journalists were allowed on the premises while the musicians were brainstorming, only Nigel and Rhonda had access to the band, and they both had too much to lose to risk it on a tabloid news leak. Rhonda gave the boys a long weekend off, so she could figure what to do.

If we can’t keep those new songs secret, “Rhonda warned Nigel, “We can’t guarantee the record label a number one album”.

“And if we bring the guys back to the city”, Nigel said, They’ll be too distracted to write”.

A flash of inspiration flashed across Nigel’s face. “Let me bring a friend of mine in from the city to check something out”.

Nigel’s friend, Mark, ran a private detective agency and stumbled into situations like this all the time. he brought along with him a hand held bug detector, as he strolled through the house, passing it over lamps, furniture and wall fixtures

“If you’ve got information leaking and there are no extra people floating around the house, you’ve either got to have good ears or a little help”.

The bug detector chirped.

By the time he was done, Mark found over a dozen listening devices. Even though they had tried to trick Mark by using devices that transmitted at different frequencies,

Mark’s bug detector scanned the entire radio spectrum to detect them all.

Rhonda knew that she might never find out who planted the devices, but she did order a bug detector of her very own. Small enough to take with her on her tours, she found it pretty useful when she wanted to guarantee her clients’ privacy, especially when she had to negotiate a new record deal.

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