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What would you do if someone came up to your car and tried to pull you out?

What would you do if someone came up to your car, opened the driver side door, tried to pull you out and steal your car? Would you be prepared to defend yourself? Stun guns are wonderful because they help you defend yourself when you have no other option.

People need to be able to defend themselves because there are far too many people out there who are not in their right state of mind. There are vandals and car thieves. There are muggers and rapists. There are people who are not in their right state of mind and may strike out at any time in a violent way. Everyone must be prepared.

Stun guns enable the most defenseless person to defend themselves. Furthermore, not only do stun guns enable people to defend themselves, but defend themselves well because stun gun are very effective self defense weapons.

When stunned by a stun gun, an attacker can’t help but fall to the ground. Thier entire body uses up all of it’s energy when the high voltage shoots thru their body at low amperage. This, coupled with a shock to the nervous system and a good dose of pain, incapacitates an attacker for up to several minutes. This kind of pain is vital to a person being attacked. Not only does it give the victim time to get away, it also gives the police time to respond and catch the attacker.

Many people think it’s dangerous to carry a stun gun because the attacker might take the stun gun away and use it on the victim. But, most stun guns have a safety mechanism built into it. This mechanism usually takes form in the wrist strap. The wrist strap is plugged into the stun gun and the stun gun will cease to work if the wrist strap is pulled out.

Most people know that they need to defend themselves and go out and buy a gun and bullets. However, guns are dangerous and lethal. There are many people who die each year when accidently shot with a gun. But, with a stun gun, if there is an accidental misfire and you stun yourself, you only “wake up” a little groggy.

Stun guns are fairly priced and you can find in a number of places. The primary places are gun shops and online – (www.selfdefenseventures). Occasionally you can find them in sporting goods stores, but not always. So, the best place to find stun guns is here:

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P.S. Most people are “under protected” and admit that they ought to buy these products, unfortunately after it’s too late. Don’t let this happen to you!

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