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One day a cowboy walked into a bar, ordered a beer, drank it, and left. When he got outside, he discovered that his horse had been stolen. Enraged, he walked back into the bar, drew his gun, and fired at the ceiling.

“Which one of you dudes stole my hoss?” he screamed. Everyone sat stock still, not saying a word.

“OK,” the cowboy said. “I’m gonna have me another beer, and if my hoss ain’t out thar by the time I finish, I’m gonna do what I already done in Texas.” The cowboy drank his second beer, walked out, and lo and behold, his horse was back.

The cowboy hopped on the horse’s back and was getting ready to ride out of town when the bartender walked out and asked, “Say, pardner, what happened in Texas?”

The cowboy says, “I called a taxi”.

Remember, Don’t be a victim!

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