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Bananas are radioactive. Bananas contain radioactive potassium-D, and are actually used as a concept known as the Banana Equivalent Dose (or BED) by scientists as a base measurement against which to measure other sources of radiation. Bananas are not the only food found to be radioactive, with Brazil nuts, kidney beans, sunflower seeds and potatoes also qualifying. Indeed, bananas and Brazil nuts are so high in radiation that they have been known to cause false alarms on a regular basis on radiation sensors intended to detect the possible smuggling of nuclear materials at ports in the United States.


The early Romans used porcupine quills as a form of toothpick, while the fork was not in common use in America until after the Civil War.


The real name of canola oil is rapeseed oil but marketers changed the name for obvious reasons! American-style buttermilk fails to include any actual butter.


The vintage date which features on a bottle of wine does not actually indicate the year in which the wine was bottled, but the year in which the grapes used to create the wine were picked.

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