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Tips to improve your memory

1. The common human brain s not very good at remembering abstract ideas such as digits and numbers. This is one of the most common things that separate those with photographic memories from those with average memories. The most important thing to remember hard data is to create an association and linkages which will facilitate memories. This is why anyone with an average memory can significantly enhance their skills to remember objects using mnemonics. While creating a memory temple, as an example, requires a person to recall more by relating those things with other things such as emotions, mental strikes, etc. The more you build mental links, the more likely you will be able to recall information.

3. There are numerous products available at health stores or online catalogs that can improve memory. Most of these products are tutorials that help you learn mnemonics techniques while others are fake capsules.

4. One effective technique to remember a person’s name is to search for that person when being introduced by saying, “Nice to meet you John”,

5. Try to remember the sequential order of a deck of playing cards. Even though this may seem like a nonsense job, this may help you find other techniques that your brain can use.

6. Try a group of items on a table. Study them for 30 seconds. Take them all away and write down all things you remember. Increase the number of items to increase level. Or get a friend to find the items on the table, this will make the lever higher and make your brain work harder.

7. Picture what you have to do as a part of what you see and experience everyday. If you have to take your dog for a checkup, picture it in your doorway every time you pass it or walk thru it. This will keep it fresh in your mind.

8. Write any event or idea immediately. If you don’t have pen or paper, one good thing to do is to change the time on your wristwatch, later on you will remember why you changed the time. Or you can wear it reversed.

9. Write down a diary or journal everyday without fail. Even small events should be documented. This is a good way to make sure nothing is missed.

10. If you have noticed that you often forget something at an instant, talk to your doctor immediately. Sometimes little tasks of forgetting things¬†can be early signs of diseases like Dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

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