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Tips to keep yourself safe on Campus

It’s going to be the time of your life and the memories you take from the last of your “formative years” will lead an indelible impression on the rest of your life. It is easy to enter this new environment with an optimistic perspective bordering on the verge of naivety. This is exemplified in students assuming their person and belongings are safe from all these well-meaning peers.


As many new arrivals are still getting accustomed to the effects of alcohol and many other personal freedoms they are not always aware of the consequences of some of their actions and can place themselves in danger when experimenting with alcohol, dating and drugs. This is where many students fall prey to the dark side of sexual assault and the immutable effects of strong drink.


General Safety on Campus


Except for those close enough to be called friends, everyone else on campus is potentially capable of taking full advantage of you and your belongings if given half a chance. The strong response is to be constantly vigilant of yourself and your gear. Always lock the door when leaving your personal quarters and close and lock windows if you are on the first (or Second) floors. Even if you are just stepping out to do some laundry, lock it up tight.


Always be aware of other people entering your building with your access card swipe.


Most college campus can be navigated safely, nevertheless you should always keep these points in mind:


-Be aware of where you are and who is around you at all times.


-Stick to a buddy system and always stay in the trustworthy company. IF you will be walking anywhere alone, you can call up the campus escort to move from A to B.


-Stay in well-illuminated areas. All sorts of things can happen in the cover of darkness.


-If you lay the role of the victim who is lost and helpless, you make yourself the target of opportunists of all intentions. Walk tall, walk with purpose and keep a steady pace.


-If you should ever find yourself in a bad situation never be afraid to raise your voice and call for help, smash a window blow a whistle or get attention by all means necessary.


The “Jean Clery Act” requires by federal law that all colleges and universities report all criminal activity on campus to the general public. This includes information on securities or police, the rights of the victim in the case of assault, the statistics for crime and more.


Furthermore, any criminal misdeeds performed on campus are to be reported to the federal Office of Postsecondary Education as soon as possible. Be sure to research the criminal activity found in the college you are considering for your higher education.


Most college campuses programs exist to inform the student population of alert procedures and understanding that a timely response is the best way to avoid future occurrences. This can be done via SMS messages that alert the student population to the presence of a threat occurring in the college so an appropriate response can be found.


You can check with the security detail in your campus for information about this.



Sexual Assault on Campus



The Term “red zone” has been given to the initial six weeks of college life. During this phase, there is a significant risk while new student arrive and adjust to the college environment. This group of students see a 30% increase in emergency calls from hazing, sexual assault and alcohol abuse. This will be the time of greatest risk in college life.



To avoid becoming the victim of sexual assault women can take the following precautions:


  1. Beware around Alcohol — 97,000 students between the ages of 18 and 24 are the victims of rape due to sexual assault or date rape.




2.If you are drinking be careful what you drink and never accept a drink that has been opened. Many rapists slip drugs into a drink and this can incapacitate their victims.


  1. Trust your instincts at all times. If you are being made uneasy by the presence of a particular individual at the party or gathering, you are not obligated to be nice or considerate. Tell the individual to back away from you immediately.



If you have been the victim of rape, you will need to get to a safe place and ask for help. Get in touch with someone who can come and pick you up and never be ashamed to tell someone what happened so you can get full assistance. Talk to the police and a crisis counselor and be sure you have a medical examination done as well to alert you to the presence of any sexually transmitted disease. Remember that the recovery from such a horrendous ordeal is never easy and you should get as much help as you can.




Alcohol Abuse on Campus


1,825 students between the age of 18 and 24 die each year due to alcohol related injuries and accidents, this includes the many that die in traffic fatalities. Drinking can get out of hand easily and responsible alcohol intake will go far in protecting you during these years. Binge drinking is an especially dangerous practice sometimes done as a dare, this can lead to a intaking a fatal dose of alcohol and lead to many serious complications best avoided.


It is also important to understand that someone who has drunk too much alcohol for their constitutions can’t simply “sleep it off”. Signs of alcohol poisoning can include irregular breathing, vomiting, drunken slurring and seizures. If you see someone suffering these symptoms it is important that you call emergency medical services to address the situation.

You can prepare yourself for college life by purchasing personal protection products. You can get a can of pepper spray, a stun gun or a personal alarm. Look for a personal self – defense product that you will be comfortable using. Think about how you would carry your self – defense product and how you would need to use it. It’s important that you give this some thought. Everybody’s different and you need to be aware of what you are capable and willing to do to protect yourself.

You can also purchase a personal safety kit. These kits will bundle safety products and provide information you will find useful.


Dedicated to your Peace of Mind and Real Security,

Ventures Unlimited

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