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Three ways to find out what you really want from life

To-do lists. Phone calls and e-mails. Urgent assignments. Demands on your time—and your sanity. Every once in a while it all piles up, and you feel ready to collapse. Before you have a breakdown, you need to step back and focus on priorities. Here’s what to do:

Create a master list. Start writing down everything you want to do in your life. Not the tasks you have to do, but the things you’ve dreamed about. Take your time—walk around your home and your neighborhood, letting your thoughts run free, and listen to your memories.

Organize your list. Group the items into three categories: things you really want to accomplish (include some steps you can take right away); activities you’re interested in but not fully committed to (hold this list in reserve and check it every few months); and goals you want to drop (either you’ve accomplished them or they no longer really attract you).

Discard your master list. Throw away the big list you compiled in step one. This symbolically clears your mind of all your scattered thoughts and let you zero in on the activities you want to pursue in the immediate future.

Remember, Don’t be a victim!



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