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The warning signs of domestic violence

The following are warning signs that you could be or becoming a victim of domestic violence. You may be the victim if your partner is doing any of the following things:

* Checking up on you too much: listening to your phone calls, asking you where you were, calling you at work throughout the day, or checking the mileage on your car.

* Putting you down: calling you names, criticize you, humiliating you in public or privately. Making you feel crazy.

* Trying to control you: your partner may be telling you not to see friends or family members. Your partner may be keeping you from going to school or work, making you stay home when you want to go out.

* Acting jealous or possessive, saying that it is just an act of love.

* Destroying or threatening to destroy your possessions. Threatening to hurt you, other family members, friends or pets.

* Touching you in a way that hurts or frightens you.

* Making you have sex in ways or at times that are not comfortable for you.

* Blaming you or others for everything. Getting angry in ways that scare you.

* Saying that your concerns or fears about your relationship are not real or are not important.

Please remember that no one has the right to hurt you. Whether you drink alcohol, use other drugs, or you are clean and sober. Domestic violence is a crime. Addiction is an illness. Unfortunately both are difficult to talk about. Drinking or drug use, yours or someone else, can make it hard to stay safe. It is important to know that violence is not caused by drinking or drugging, although that can lead to your vulnerability.

Remember, Don’t be a victim!



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