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The pinhole camera that showed everything

Another Saturday night”, groaned Thomas. He mopped up a mess of spilled beer at the back of his convenience store.  Some punk knocked it off the shelf, and ran out the door without bothering to apologize.

As he bent down to pick up the shards of broken glass, he heard what he could of sworn sounded like snakes hissing. He straightened himself up, and right into the of a shotgun.

“You stay right where you are, old man, and you stay alive”, said the masked gunman. The man glanced at his accomplice, who was spraying black paint over the lens of the security camera behind Thomas’  register. The accomplice hopped down from the counter behind the register and flashed a thumbs up sign at the gunman.

The gunman ripped the ski mask from his face and said, “I hate those things”. I can never see what I’m doing”. “Now, open up the safe and you get to live”.

Thomas complied, moving behind the counter to enter the manual override combination into his safe. He piled all of the evening’s receipts into a brown paper bag and passed it along to the thieves. The lead gunman boasted on his way out the door, “You see, when you pick the right place, you can do these jobs in style. “No goofy masks and no hurry”.

Thomas just smiled. As soon as the thieves’ car left the parking lot, he called 911. When the detectives asked Thomas to provide a description, he smiled and said, “I can do better than that”,

Everyone in the room smiled and stared at Thomas’ split screen security video. They watched the thieves disable the parking lot security camera, followed by the blackening out of the two security camera lenses. But, a 4th frame showed everything that happened that night, especially the unmasking of the robbers.

“I don’t get it”, one of the cops said, as he craned his neck around the room. “They cased this place and took out all the cameras”. “How’d they miss that one?” Thomas grinned and pointed up at the exit sign.

A pinhole security camera peeked out at everyone in the room.

“That exit sign does more than show everyone the way out”, Thomas said. “It shows criminals the way off the way off the streets”.

Sure enough, Thomas captured crystal, clear images of the thieves practically staring into the camera. Once those pictures hit the local news, the cops had both of them in custody within a matter of hours. They didn’t even have time to spend the money.

And they looked better with their masks on.

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Ventures Unlimited

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