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The health benefits of bowling

Of all the sports we’ve created, bowling is probably the longest surviving and most popular with more than 50 million participants in the U.S. alone. While, yes, you can take part in the activity alone, it is much more popular and better enjoyed with a group.

One of the reasons bowling is so popular is because of its flexibility. It allows players to make adjustments to hone their skill. And while, yes, it’s an activity that can be good exercise, it’s also a form of relaxation and play, especially when done with others who enjoy the sport.

As well as being a form of fun entertainment, there are also many health benefits to bowling:

Bowlers typically warm up/stretch before they begin. Stretching is a great benefit to the body, especially for your joints, ligaments and muscles.

  1. Bowling is great for muscle health. Simply walking around the bowling alley and on the actual lane to take your turn helps your muscles. The muscles in your arms and legs get a particularly good work out as you bend and throw the ball.
  2. Bowling is also a great fat burner. In the many bends, twists and turns that are involved with bowling, you can expect to burn anywhere between 170 to 300 calories per game bowled.

So as you see, bowling is the perfect sport to combine a fun and relaxing activity while helping to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



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