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The drive to survive your daily commute

A stalled car or three-car pileup has traffic backed up and you have an early morning meeting. Or maybe you pushed the snooze button one too many times and you’re trying to squeeze a 45-minute commute into 25 minutes.


You fiddle with the car radio, rifle through your briefcase looking for your cell phone—which is out of battery power. Then your engine dies.


Mother told you there would be days like this.


Last time anyone checked, commuting wasn’t anyone’s favorite pastime—especially for people stuck in cars on crowded freeways and major thoroughfares. There are ways, however, to make it more bearable.


Here are some practical suggestions for those of us who must hit the road every morning and evening.


• Leave time enough for the commute and add extra time during holiday weekends, after sports events, etc., when the number of cars on the road increases.


• Make sure your car is in good working condition and that heat and air conditioning work.


• It may be winter outside but it’s 70 degrees in your car, so take the winter jacket off before you start driving. Wear comfortable shoes.


• Make sure the radio/tape player works. Music can be soothing and audio books can take your mind off the slow pace of traffic. If you can’t concentrate on an audio book, slip a recording of chants into your tape player. Musical chants have been proved to help people maintain focus.


• Adjust the seat and seat belt to a comfortable position before starting out.


• Don’t work or read while you’re driving. Multitasking can go too far.


• Practice deep breathing to make sure your body is relaxed.

Don’t be a victim!




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