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Test your friends with this science trivia

Science trivia can be a lot of fun. There’s just so many science facts many of us are not aware of. Here are some fun science trivia facts – test your friends see how they do.


Did you know?

  1. A typical American child will watch 1,680 minutes of TV per week, which add ups to two whole months. The same child will spend 38 minutes a week in conversation with their parents that is meaningful. (Source: A.C. Nielson Co).
  2. Mexico City is sinking at a rate of 18” per year because the water table is draining as a result of human consumption. (Source: National Water Commission).
  3. A cricket’s ears are located on their knees. (Source: Nature Museum of the Chicago Academy of Sciences)
  4. A fly has its taste buds on its feet. (Source: Nature Museum of the Chicago Academy of Sciences)
  5. The aqualung, which is a device designed to breathe under water, was invented by Emile Gagnam of the French Army and Jacques Cousteau in 1943, so that the French ‘frogmen’ could put mines under the ships of the enemy.
  6. The world record for passing gas was set on a Japanese television show, 3000 times in a row. (Source: Grossology The Science of Really Gross Things).
  7. If we could eliminate all the major forms of cardiovascular disease, human life expectancy would increase by 9.78 years. (Source: National Center for Health Statistics).
  8. Treatment for resistant TB (tuberculosis) has been reported in 42 states and in Washington DC. This is up from 13 states during the TB epidemic in the late 190’s early 1990s. (Source: CDC)
  9. A new survey of pillow primping techniques and practices showed that 23% of people feel they are stackers, 16% are rollers, 20% are plumpers, and 16% are cuddlers. The remainder are crunchers and smashers. (Source: Survey by DuPont Co.)
  10. In 1994 Australian scientists invented a way to remove fleece from sheep without the need to shear. The sheep were injected with a special hormone, and then they were wrapped in lightweight hairnets. Three weeks later the fleece was peeled off the sheep by hand.

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