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Supplements were meant to supplement not replaceients

The human body is the most finely tuned instrument created by Mother Nature and in order for it to stay healthy and perform at it’s peak, it requires a carful balance of essential vitamins, minerals and other types of nutrients. Like a car that needs the right balance of fuel and air, to make it start and run smoothly. If our bodies don’t receive the right proportions of the various types of nutrients, they too will respond with less than desirable performances.

In today’s hectic society, with our increasingly dependence on processed, canned and packaged foods, sales of vitamins and supplements has soared. All too often though, what we intended as complements to our diets, are used as replacements for the foods our bodies need to perform at it’s best. In many cases, the concentrated doses of single nutrients are knocking the body’s fine balance out of kilter. Instead of the body receiving the different types of nutrients that are contained in various foods, they only receive a single one.

Human beings where not designed to live on pills, but on real food with a variety of nutrients in their proper proportions. While a single multivitamin tablet taken daily may benefit your overall well being, always check with your doctor before taking supplements of individual nutrients, and always maintain a properly balanced diet.

Remember, Don’t be a victim!


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