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Successful people who didn’t go to college

A college education is valuable, but it doesn’t guarantee success and it’s not the only route to career achievement. Without taking anything away from higher education, consider the example of these famous “dropouts”:

Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc. (no college education)

Richard Branson, owner of the Virgin Brand. (dropped out of school at 16)

Simon Cowell, host of American Idol. (started out in the mailroom of a music publishing company)

Barry Diller, chairman and CEO of IAC, InterActiveCorp, which owns Home Shopping Network, Ticketmaster, and other companies, (dropped out of UCLA after one semester)

Kirk Kerkorian, real estate investor worth approx. $16 billion dollars, (left school in eighth grade)

Ralph Lauren, fashion designer, (dropped out of business after 2 years

Rachel Ray, celebrity chef and TV host, (started her career at Macy’s candy counter

Remember, Don’t be a victim!

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