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Social networking sites – Just what clues are you giving criminals?

Social networking has literally transformed the lives of ordinary people of all ages across the globe, not to mention businesses and organizations too. In their eagerness to share their personal details with the outside world, however, some users of sites such as Facebook have inadvertently transformed the lives of criminals, making their jobs very much easier.

News of the arrests of three burglars in the US who used social networking sites to target members who were not at home must surely come as a wake-up call to anyone who has personal details posted on his/her profile. In some cases, the risk arises because users of the sites have hundreds or even thousands of contacts, many of whom are not known to them personally, but of course all of whom can view their personal details and status updates that might give enormous clues as to their movements. In others, the privacy settings that are being used do not restrict access sufficiently to afford any protection from more unscrupulous members of the site.

Social networking sites can be great fun and a great way to communicate with existing contacts as well as to make new ones. For the sake of your own personal safety and the safety of your property and possessions, though, care needs to be taken to ensure that those in your household are not too free and easy with details that are best withheld.

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