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She thanked her boss for the gift

Tina loved her job. She just hated her neighborhood.

Managing one of the trendiest nightclubs in town, She got to spend her evenings rubbing elbows with rock stars, actors, and many of the city’s elite.

Her boss converted an old warehouse into a fantasy world for their guests. It kept costs down, but made a pretty treacherous walk down to the parking lot at 4am. Tina’s boss really cared about her, since she kept the place running so smoothly. She refused to let him pay for a car service, so he bought her a Runt Stun Gun. She remembered how he told her to hold it by the wrist strap, when walking down the block, just in case.

On Saturday night, Tina couldn’t wait to get home. It seemed she spent the whole night breaking up arguments and kicking drunk guys out of the club. As she walked up the block, two of those guys dropped out of the shadows.

“Hey you”, called out the tall one. Tina knew from her years of experience not to respond.

“You think you’re too good to serve us. You think you’re too good to talk to us?”, shouted his companion.

The tall one slid right in front of Tina, blocking her path. She clutched her car’s key fob in one hand, while with her other hand, she dug into her satchel and wrapped her fingers around the wrist strap of her Runt Stun Gun.

“Where do you think you’re going?, asked the tall one, while the other one just snickered. He lunged for her left hand and she pressed the panic alarm on her car remote. Wailing horns pierced the silence of the back alley.

As her attacker gripped her left arm, she lunged at him with her Runt. Even though he held onto Tina, she couldn’t feel any of the 20 million volts flowing through his body. As he fell, his other hand knocked the Runt out of Tina’s hand. It snapped free of it’s wrist strap and landed on top of him as he lay curled up on the ground.

The smaller attacker leaped to his buddy and picked up the Runt Stun Gun.

“I’ll show you”, yelled the smaller attacker, as he pounced on Tina. He dug the Runt into her abdomen and tried to activate it. Not realizing that the wrist strap also acts as a disable pin – once it left Tina’s hand. The Runt was useless.

Tina didn’t get her job on looks alone. She kicked him in the shin and clocked him in the jaw as a pair of police officers raced to the scene of the struggle. She made a mental note to thank her boss for the gift – and to ask him for a raise.

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