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She didn’t count on her town’s archaic rules

Cathy always loved the idea of owning her own bed and breakfast by the shore.

After her husband passed away, she found a note left for her, encouraging her to follow her dream, even though he could not share it with her. He had taken out extra life insurance just to surprise her with one final gift, and she invested it in a beautiful Victorian mansion overlooking  the beach.

She didn’t count on her town’s archaic rules to make life so difficult for her the first year. Even though she enjoyed a pretty good strong business during the summer, her town council demanded that she provide security for the part of the beach adjacent to her property.

At first, she hired some guards to roam the premises, but it was hard for them to do their job with town’s light ordinance in place – no lights on the beach after 11pm. And she certainly couldn’t afford to keep 2 people on staff year round.

Wayne, a sympathetic alderman, stopped one afternoon and shared a little secret. She didn’t have to actually patrol the grounds the entire time. He showed her the camera he used at the campground he owned, a secret little device unobtrusively on the side of a building. Wayne suggested that she use the built-in infrared LED lights on the camera to flood the beach with light at night just for the camera. With a range of 150 feet, it could scan all the way down to the end of the pier, allowing one guard to watch all the beach activity from the comfort of one of the mansion’s pool houses.

Wayne’s suggestion worked wonders. Cathy could cut back on the overtime payments, and Cathy’s security team could catch up on some sleep. Even when the tropical storms hit at the end of the season, the camera worked just fine, a waterproof housing kept the electronics safe and dry.

Before the start of the next summer, she wired the camera’s feed into her in-room television system, so that guests who’s room did not overlook the beach, had a nice view, day or night. She always chuckled at the idea that someone would drive all the way to the beach, only to watch the ocean on tv.

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