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Selecting the most effective non-lethal self defense product

A major question that always gets asked is how to find the most effective products for self-defense that are nonlethal. The answer can sometimes be subjective based upon personal preferences. However, in this article we are going to discuss what are the more effective products for nonlethal self-defense.


There is no doubting that these are products that have grown to be tremendously popular over recent years. Part of this popularity has been due to the fascination of tasers, which seem to be grabbing all of the headlines. This is no wonder, simply because the taser is used by various law enforcement agencies in some of their high profile take downs of perpetrators. Actually, close to 18,000 agencies of law enforcement in the United States use tasers.


There must be a reason why law enforcement officers like to have tasers right there on their utility belts. However, right next to the taser will usually be pepper spray. Why is it that officers of the law, who are always putting their lives on the line to help protect us, use self-defense products that are nonlethal? Is this because they are some of the most effective products for self-defense that are available today?


For any police officer, nonlethal weapons will be part of the continuum of force, which will start out with verbal commands, then escalating to deadly force. The overall idea is to use much less than lethal ways to regain control of the situation at hand with a suspect, prior to using deadly force. With a civilian, nonlethal weapons are a way that you can immobilize any assailant in some sort of assault situation. This will allow you the time that you need to escape and then seek help.




A regular stun gun that is non-taser will be inexpensive and can immobilize the assailant for around 10 minutes. They are not going to be anywhere near as powerful or effective as a taser, simply because they employ different methodology for disabling assailants. A taser will use higher amperage and lower voltage, where the stun gun devices will use a higher voltage and lower amperage. However, the regular stun gun devices will still be highly effective.


Defense sprays are going to be close to 90% effective and remain the least expensive of all of the self-defense product options. Pricing will start as low as $5 in some cases, and they can work to disable an assailant for upward of 30 minutes or even longer.

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