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Science facts you probably didn’t know

There are all kinds of science facts. However, some are not nearly as well known as others. How many of you know these science facts:

* Did you know that YouTube adds more than 60 “did you know?” videos to it’s archives every single minute? The trend of cramming fun science facts as possible into just a couple of minutes of animated video is becoming very popular.

* 25% of Zimbabwe’s people are born with only two toes. This is the result of a rare condition called ectrodactyl or lobster claw syndrome. It does occur in the general population, but outside the Zimbabwe tribe it is very rare.

* It rained inside the command module of Apollo 13 as it entered the Earth’s atmosphere. Apollo 13 was supposed to land in the Fra Mauro area of the Moon, but an onboard explosion forced it to circle the moon instead. It was considered a successful failure. After all went wrong they had to return home fast and they had to stretch the 45 hour lifespand of the aircraft to 90 hours. While oxygen was not a concern, gas and power were. Removing carbon dioxide was also a problem. When they entered Earth’s atmosphere it was raining and they actually got wet.

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