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Reducing and managing workplace stress

With today’s difficult economic times, many people are finding it more difficult than ever to deal with the problem of workplace stress. No matter the occupation, salary level, or sonority with which we are blessed, more and more people are spending greater parts of their workdays ¬†feeling out of control and frazzled, rather than relaxed and alert.

While a certain amount of stress is a normal feature of any workplace, excessive amounts can not only interfere with worker productivity, but also cause both emotional and physical health problems. Managing workplace stress does not mean you have to make big changes to all aspects of your working life, it just means taking control of the one thing you do have control over – yourself.

One tip to reduce and manage workplace stress is to recognize the warning signs. When you feel like you’re becoming overwhelmed, the consequences are often a loss of confidence and results in irritability and a withdrawn attitude. When you recognize the signs – which can include difficulty concentrating, sleeplessness, an apathetic attitude towards your work – it is time to pay more attention to your emotional and physical health. Take care of yourself first by making choices such as getting more exercise, keeping your blood sugar up by eating small meals throughout the day. drinking in moderation, avoiding nicotine and getting enough sleep, and the stress in both your life and work will fall.

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