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Reclaiming control

When your work and life balance are out of control, so is your stress level. Back in the day, the line between work and life was very clear. However, today with the onslaught of technology, allowing us to work from anywhere – including home – the line isn’t so clear. But that doesn’t have to mean that the work/life balance is out of reach.

If you are trying to earn a promotion or if you work from home and you are trying to build up your client base, it is tempting to work long hours. However, if these long hours are causing your home life to take a hit, it’s time to consider the cost of what working more is doing. An unbalanced work/home life will cause fatigue, lost times with family and friends and increased expectations from either your boss or your growing client list.

Unfortunately, most of us weren’t born with a silver spoon in our mouths, so we are forced to work. And as long as we have to work, there will always be a struggle between work and home. However, there are some ways to reduce the stress and increase the balance:

  • Track your time: Take the time to track everything you do – both work and non-work related – for one week. Decide what’s necessary to continue and what can be put on the back burner
  • Learn to say no: Such a small word but so difficult for us to say. Doing something out of guilt or feelings of obligation is going to increase stress and resentment and do nothing to help you get balanced.
  • Leave work at work: Even if you’re among the growing workforce that is fortunate to work from home. You have to learn to draw the line between work and home. When you’re with your family, turn off your cell phone and computer if there is a chance that you’ll be tempted to just “do one more thing.”

Creating a balance between work and life isn’t a “do it once and you’re done” shot, it is a constant battle that has to be monitored. Make changes periodically as needed to make sure you’re keeping yourself on track.

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