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Public Transportation Safety

Public transportation is normally very safe and most taxi company’s drivers have been vetted, so here is some advice that should make you feel more confident when traveling by bus, train, tube or taxi.

On a bus

* Use a  bus stop you know in usually busy and well lit.

* Know the departure and arrival times and try and let someone at the other end know which bus you plan to catch. They could always meet you at your bus stop.

* Sit close to the driver. If someone starts up a conversation, be pleasant and confident, but don’t give up any personal information like where you work or live.

By train

Wait in a well-lit section of the platform. close to the exit or where there are other people around. Many stations have security cameras and well trained staff to deal with emergencies.

* When you get on the train, sit in a busy compartment and keep any bags or personal items next to you.

* If you feel uncomfortable, switch seats or consider getting off the train and catching the next one . Only do this if the station is  busy and manned.

* Know where the emergency button or chord is or any help points are located.

Taking a taxi

* Carry the phone number of a taxi company you know. and when you book a taxi, get the name of the driver and the type of car they will be driving.

* Try and book the taxi you will be taking home before you go out. Give your name and make sure the driver knows the name the cab was booked under. If you have to book your taxi in a public place, do so quietly so no one will hear your name or your address.

* Try and share your taxi with a friend and have your money ready and your keys handy so you can enter your home quickly.

* If you feel uneasy in a taxi, ask the driver to stop at a place you know well and get out.

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