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Personal safety information

Your personal safety does not have to be left up to chance. Though you cannot eliminate all possibility of becoming a victim of crime, there are steps you can take to reduce the possibility, An attacker looks for essentially three things when looking for a victim:

* Vulnerability

* Availability

* Accessibility

Practicing the following safety tips as you go about your daily activities may make you less attractive to a would be criminal.

* BE ALERT! Know who is around you and what activities are going on around you.

* Walk with authority, look ahead and scan your surroundings.

* Do not walk in poorly lit areas.

* Avoid standing at a bus stop alone, especially at night.

* If approached by someone in a car, change directions. Go to a crowed shop or business.

* Carry a cell phone and some type of safety device: whistle, flashlight, pepper spray, stun gun, etc., when walking at night.

* Be alert to someone who asks for directions, and/or continues to engage you in conversation.

* Obey all the robber’s orders. Keep all commutations with the robber short and simple. Don’t argue!

* Be identification conscious! Observe your attacker’s personal appearance, type of weapon used, and type of vehicle used so that you can inform police.

* Immediately report the incident to police and do not hang up until police arrive.

Remember, Don’t be a victim!

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