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Perfect neighborhood weapon

Charles was a member of the neighborhood watch in Tinley Park, Illinois. For 15 years he had never encountered any real danger. Most people considered the place boring. Despite this, he made it a point to be prepared always.

He did not carry a gun, since members are not licensed. His TASER X26C is a powerful weapon, one that he never had to use before.

One night, his preparedness was rewarded. Just as he was about to head back to the office and call it a night, he heard a scream, a few blocks south. Charles ran and found a teenage girl surrounded by two boys who seemed trying to rob and rape her. Both had a knife and the girl was leaning helplessly against the side of a parked car.

Charles acted quickly and raised his weapon’s laser at the chest of the man closest to him. Once he pulled the trigger, the TASER X26C launched it’s cartridge a good ten feet and caught the attacker right in the chest.

The man was shocked immediately. He collapsed to the ground.

If Charles remembered correctly, electric currents would blow the man’s nervous system ajar, and he would lose muscle control for several minutes. He did remain paralyzed on the ground, but Charles could not loosen up just yet because the other man came charging at him.

Charles snapped the charge wires off the TASER X26C, and ducked just in time to avoid the incoming punch. As the other man swerved past him, Charles rammed the TASER X26C into his ribs and squeezed the trigger again, sending high voltage currents through the man’s body.

With both attackers down, Charles reached for his walkie-talkie and called for help.

As he waited for police and an ambulance to arrive, Charles stayed by the girl’s side, comforting her and making sure she was not hurt.

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