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Pepper spray works

Self-defense is effective. U.S Department of Justice statistics show that 67% resistance to criminals is effective. In only 9% of the time does resistance make matters worse.

COMMENT: If the perp wanted to work, he would have gotten a job.

Sisters fend off attacker:

A local garment maker was taught a lesson when a girl peppered sprayed his eyes, after he alleged tried to molest her at a market in New Delhi, India.

Robbery thwarted:

In May 2010, a man who attempted to rob a West Hazelton, Pennsylvania convenience store, was stopped.

When a masked man entered the store demanding money, he was cut short by a dose of pepper spray by the store’s clerk. Several customers then chased the would-be robber from the scene.

A morning walk attack:

In July 2010, a teenager was able to ward off two attackers with pepper spray as he was walking his dog in Billingsley, Montana. The teen was walking at about 11:30 am, when three men begin threating him from inside a car.  Two of the suspects got out of the vehicle, one of them holding the 4 foot handle of a shovel, and the other holding a jug holding some kind of liquid. The teenager sprayed one of the attackers with the pepper spray he was carrying, and ran off.

Female shoplifter gets sprayed:

Seattle, Washington police said a suspected female shoplifter at a gas station assaulted a clerk in late June 2010. However, the clerk managed to defend herself with pepper spray. Reportedly, later police were able to arrest the 24 year old female shoplifter.

Spray and knife:

Police in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina reported that in June 2010 a man entered a residence and attempted to sexually assault a woman. Officers found a woman hiding in a room, holding a knife. She told police she heard a door open to her home, and when she went to see who it was, she was approached by an unknown male intruder. The intruder attempted to sexually assault her, and a struggle ensued, said police. The woman pepper sprayed the man. The attacker was also possibly stabbed or cut by the woman.

A-macing pizza:

A 22 year old resident in Lincoln, Nebraska told police that someone knocked on his door about 6 pm. The resident told police that when he opened the door he saw a man holding a pizza box. When the resident tried to close the door, someone kicked it open and four men forced their way in. The resident told police that he sprayed Mace in the hallway and the men left.

Robber sprayed:

Police in Boston, Massachusetts, reported that when a would-be robber tried to rob a South Boston woman he got a well deserved shot of pepper spray to the face, when he showed a knife and demanded the woman’s purse. After being sprayed by the intended victim, police reported the man ran off.

Chasing intruders:

Police say a 23 year old man blasted two attackers with pepper spray after they chased him to his home and kicked down the door of his Gastonia, South Carolina home. The intruders left after he used pepper spray on them.

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