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Non lethal self defense products

Why do you need to have a self-defense product with you? Over the last few years, property crimes have declined considerably but violent crimes are still on the rise. Murder, rape, aggravated assault and robbery are some examples of violent crimes. These crimes are considered personal at the very best and you have to keep looking over your shoulder everywhere you go.

Prevention is the only key to protecting yourself from these crimes. That’s why you need to carry and use a non-lethal self-defense product. You can carry pepper spray, mace, a stun device or a personal alarm. That’s why, before the crime happens, you can prevent it. If an assailant sees such a device on you, they will definitely think twice before committing the crime.

Self-Defense Products

1. Pepper Sprays

Currently, there are many self-defense products in the market. Pepper sprays come in different sizes and strengths. You can also find various personal alarms and stun devices to keep you safe. Pepper spray or mace comes in varying concentrations of 2% to 18% in the OC solution, the main ingredient found in these defensive sprays. The solution is derived from cayenne pepper, one of the hottest peppers in the world.

Of course, the strength of the defensive spray doesn’t mean the hotter the pepper spray will be. Rather, the OC concentration refers to the measurement relative to all the other ingredients present in the canister such as UV dye or tear gas. It doesn’t reflect all the other active ingredients. However, the effectiveness of the spray is the concentration of Capsaicin and that determines the hotness of the whole canister.

Defensive sprays come in different shapes and sizes with the most popular one being key chain pepper sprays. The newest addition is the lipstick pepper spray that looks like lipstick but actually contains pepper. The other types of defensive sprays can be carried in your purse, keychain or belt conveniently. Some sprays come with a leatherette holster while the rest come in an injection molded holster. Some containers also resemble a small baton.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose an 1/2 , 2 or 4 ounces or larger canisters that come in gel, stream, foam or spray options. You should check with your jurisdiction or local restrictions to find out the legality of carrying defensive sprays in your area.

2. Personal Alarms
The most notable personal alarm is the MACE Screecher Alarm, an aerosol type that emits a blast, ear-piercing and recognized as an emergency call that can be heard upto ½ mile away. The best one is the 125db alarm combined with a flashing light, often referred to as the keychain alarm. The 2N1 alarm, with a dual-purpose that serves as both a personal and burglar alarm. There is the personal alarm with a flashlight with emits 130db sound. The electronic pocket whistle emits a 120db sound. If you’re in danger, you can always blow the alarm and find help immediately. However, it’s prudent to carry this device with other self-defense products in the event that help might not come to you as soon as expected.

3. Stunning Devices
Also quite popular but there are some states with possession restrictions as well as purchase requirements. Therefore, before purchasing one you need to check with your jurisdiction and locality to find out the restrictions in place. They come in small sizes while some are about 8.75 inches tall with varying voltages of 100,000 to about 20,000,000 volts. Stun guns have safety switches and wrist straps.

It’s tough to explain TASERS, because of the legality and the operation goes but they have restrictions similar to stun guns. They are considered stunning devices but you need to check the local restrictions in place for using them. It’s against the law to use these devices if you don’t have the express permission to use them, in specific states. It could lead to penalties and heavy fines on your part.

Now that you have an array of options to choose from, you can decide to use personal alarms, pepper sprays or stun guns depending on your preference. Before using the self-defense product, you should consider learning how to use it perfectly before the assailant decides to use the device on you. Assess all the self-defense products and find the best one for you, depending on your circumstances.

All of these products are available at our superstore: Before purchasing them, you need to check the local regulations regarding possession and usage of all the devices to make sure they are legal in your region.

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