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Maximizing the effectiveness of your video surveillance system

There are a number of advantages to having a set of surveillance cameras watching over your business or home, regardless of whether your system was a do-it-yourself installation or something put in by professionals with cutting edge tech. In many cases, cameras just being present are enough to deter aspiring criminals from doing anything. However, while deterrence is a great result of having cameras and something you hope works, can you rely on that being enough? A number of factors come into play that help your system prevent vandalism and theft, but your surveillance can also record instances that do happen in order to hold those guilty responsible. Keep reading to learn what factors help you maximize the effectiveness of your surveillance system. 

Image Resolution

Anytime something occurs at either your business or your home, be it theft, vandalism, or kids partying, you trust your surveillance system to record the happenings with clarity and detail. Most people know what substandard surveillance video looks like: grainy, difficult to make things out, and sometimes even useless in answering basic questions. However, modern technology has brought to market many cameras that capture video in high resolution but are also available at prices that will not break the bank. Some even feature night vision.

Storage Room

How useful is a camera that can record great video but does not have the storage room to save the moment a crime or other notable incident happens? Pair your camera with a DVR that sports enough digital storage to meet your personal or business needs. Also set things up and tweak them so that recording is optimal, so you can be sure that you are getting footage that actually exists and is of useful detail.

Accuracy in Time/Date Stamping

The information regarding times and dates are among the most critical pieces of information recorded by surveillance systems. If law enforcement or an insurance company is going to use your footage to your benefit, then they have to know and believe that specific time and date stamps are coded appropriately in conjunction with the recorded video.

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