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Living with your conscience

You don’t have to be in your 70s or 80s to have witnessed a fall in society’s moral standards.  Even many of today’s youngsters have seen things that were once unacceptable become par for the course in modern society.  Just because “everyone’s doing it,” though, doesn’t necessarily make something right, nor does it make it something that everyone could live with.


Years ago, if someone found some money lying in the street, the chances are that they would pick it up and take it to the nearest police station so that it could be claimed by its rightful owner.  Today, most would slip it into their pockets and keep on walking, and few would blame them.  However, if the fact that the money might have been a pensioner’s entire food budget for the week or a single mother’s rent money for the month is going to prick your conscience, then where’s the point in following everyone else’s lead?


At the end of the day, each of us has to be able to live with our conscience if we are going to sleep soundly at night, and we all owe it to those over whom we have any influence (such as our children!) to do what’s morally right.  What kind of inspiration do you want to be to those around you?

Remember, Don’t be a victim!



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