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Keeping Physical Will Help You Balance Work and Life

We hear a lot about physical activity and just how important it is to us, but many of us are not aware that in addition to providing huge health benefits it can actually help us to balance our work and life. How is that even possible? Glad you asked.

We only have so much energy to go around, and more stress than you need, physical activity can really help. You might be surprised to learn that being physically active can actually infuse you with tons more energy than you are used to having. That means there will be energy to go around. You will have the energy needed to get you through your day at work, but you’ll have energy for after work too. In fact, many find getting their exercise after work, re-energizes them for their evening.

Exercise will also help you to reduce the stress in your life, and when you do that it makes you happier, and you feel more in control. It can help you to think clearer and be able to do a better job of balancing your work and life.

Start by choosing activities that you enjoy, and then figure out the best way to fit the activities into your day. Remember in order for you to remain committed to exercise you will need to make it a habit and that takes at least 30 days. You might take a brisk walk, go for a swim, go jogging, join an exercise class, take up Zoomba, or any other activity that interests you.

Your exercise time needs to be a minimum of 10 continuous minutes otherwise; you won’t enjoy the healthy benefits. Breaking your exercise into 10-minute increments makes it much easier to get your 30 minutes a day in.

Here are some ideas to increase your physical activity:
• Push the baby in the stroller.
• Join a walking group in your neighborhood or at the local mark.
• Get the entire family involved
• Clean the house – vacuuming is a great workout
• Walk the dog.
• Wash the car
• Mow the lawn with a push mower
• Get off the bus a stop early and walk
• Exercise to a video
• Take the stairs rather than the elevator
• Get involved in team sports
• Jog, run, cycle
• Join a sports team at work
• Take a dance class, martial arts class, or yoga class
• Swim or take water aerobics
• Golf
• Canoe or kayak
• Take an exercise class
• Go to bootcamp
• Take up martial arts – kickboxing, kung fu, Tia kwon doe

Increasing your physical activity always sounds easier than it is. We are gung ho at the start – excited and ready to get going. However, before long life gets in the way and there seem to be all kinds of excuses why we just can’t get there.  Exercise will take time but it will give you time. Try it and find out for yourself.

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