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How to snap back after a negative job review

You’ve just gotten your latest review from the boss and it didn’t go well. A negative review isn’t the end of your career, though. Your ability to recover and move forward marks you as a professional and a team member. Follow this advice:

* Keep your cool. Avoid getting defensive. Arguing will only make your position worse. Listen to what your manager is telling you, and don’t react impulsively. Take some time to go over his or her points.

* Ask questions. Get specifics from your boss. What deadlines did you miss? What results was he or she looking for? You need to understand your manager’s expectations in order to fulfill them.

* Stick to the facts. If you disagree with the boss’s evaluation, and the issue is worth taking a stand for, then support your case with factual evidence. Show that you’re committed to the truth, not just winning the point.

* Get feedback from elsewhere. Talk to colleagues and other managers to evaluate your manager’s evaluation. If you hear criticism from┬ámore than one┬ásource, then it’s probably something to work on.

* Set goals for improvement. Ask your boss what you can do differently, or better to earn a better review next time around. He or she may be willing to collaborate on an action plan to bring your performance up to par.

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