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How To Choose The Best Non Lethal Self Defense Devices

Like all consumer products within the marketplace, all items belong to a specific brand and have their own function, configuration and size. The same thing is true in the non-lethal self-defense device world. I will just be discussing 3 of these weaponry categories in addition to the folding pocket knife given you can apply that specific tool in ways that are non-lethal.


The mini-baton, or Kubotan, comes in various functions, colors, sizes and shapes. The Kubaton key chain is among the most prominent of them. It measures 0.75 inch in diameter and is 5.5 inches long.   There is a tip on one end and key ring on the other. It is made out of metal and comes in 4 colors: pink, silver, blue and black. The most practical thing about this item is that you can carry it in your pocket so that it is always available. Take it along with your set of keys every time you go out. Also, it is legal to carry it in a majority of states. The best Kubotan key chain to carry is one painted in black. That makes it nearly invisible when it is in your hand. Also, instead of choosing a pointed tip, select a pointed tip instead. The Kubaton is a type of impact weapon. That is why striking tissue or bone using a pointed tip will generate additional pressure with a certain amount of force that is applied when compared with hitting using a flat tip.

Pepper sprays, or more accurately, “defensive sprays,” are widely available in all types of releases, compositions, sizes and shapes. The size ranges from Police model to personal and pocket, and 3 to 5 inches in length, given that our parameters are limited to personal carry. The smaller the device is, the easier it is to conceal it. It also shouldn’t be too difficult to hide the police model, even though it is 5 inches in length. The best kind of spray to use is one that has a flip-top cap, which is what is carried by a majority of law enforcement personnel. The design helps to minimize the number of accidental discharges and is among the easiest to use. The larger the content is, the longer the spray time is. When you are spraying at different effective distances make sure to take that into account. It is critical that you spray directly into the attacker’s mouth, nostrils and eyes, where the mucus membranes are, and not just in the general area of the face.

In general, spray squirt the material in stream or spray form. Choose the ones that emit a stream of liquid, given that is less likely to dispense faster within an enclosed space, which also affects you, and in a headwind is not as likely to bounce back. Newer forms of pepper sprays either emit gel or foam, which is where the terms pepper gel and pepper foam come from. The advantage that foam has is that it creeps between the perpetrator’s eyes and glasses. On the other hand, gel tends to stick on the skin more; therefore, the perpetrator will have a more difficult time shaking the gel off of his face.

Defensive sprays are comprised of an OC pepper solution, with various mixtures or concentrations of UV ultraviolet) dye, tear gas and OC. OC is a kind of natural irritant that swells and irritates the mucus membranes as the tear gas is affecting the respiratory system. Reacting to OC happens more quickly than with tear gas. This is one of the main reasons why pepper sprays have become so popular. Some individuals are practically immune to OC effects due to them having a high tolerance to peppers. Therefore, choose a spray that contains both tear gas and OC.

Stun guns also come in many different voltage potentials, shapes and sizes. As huge as a magnum sized device or small as a lipstick tube; in the form of a baton, flashlight, cell phone, page or pen; ranging from 10,000 volts to nearly 20 million volts. The best method for surprising an attacker is to carry a concealed stun gun since in order for it to be effective it needs to make contact. Concealment also means taking size into consideration. Keep in mind that the larger the voltage is, the louder and more spectacular the spark will be. It makes an effective deterrent against dogs that are aggressive. They have more sensitive hearing to a broader range of sound frequencies; they are more fearful and in tune of the cracking sound that a discharging stun gun makes.

Although a Stun Gun may discharge up to 20 million volts, its wattage still isn’t enough to kill someone since it has just a couple of milliamperes of current, similar to static electricity. However, a stun device can numb muscle groups after they have been zapped for 3 to 5 seconds at least. Therefore, you want your stun gun to come into contact with the major muscle groups of your attacker like the thigh, groin, back, shoulder and neck areas.

On the other hand, Tasers are a completely different breed of stun guns. The versions for civilians come with disposable cartridges that fire 2 probes that range as far as 15 feet. The ideal distance, however, between perpetrator and victim should range from 5 to 7 feet apart whenever the taser is discharged. Therefore, the shooter can remotely subdue the attacker, which is an advantage especially whenever the attacker is armed with a gun and/or knife. Also, Tasers emit “T-waves” which overwhelm the nervous system of the human body, which renders the entire body incapable of any voluntary movement that lasts up to several minutes.

Just don’t forget that your mind is the deadliest weapon there is!

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