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How not to get that promotion

Did you get turned down for a promotion? For more than one? Ambition alone won’t help you get ahead. If you’re not advancing as fast as you want, despite your skills, the reason may be that you’re making these mistakes that tend to disqualify otherwise talented employees from advancement:


  • Your appearance counts against you. Like it or not, your wardrobe says a lot about your attitude and professionalism. Even in a casual workplace, a neat and clean appearance will impress the decision makers.


  • You’re seen as anti-social. Quietly doing your job won’t get you noticed. Make a point of talking to people, helping out, and attending company functions so you don’t get taken for granted.


  • You don’t grasp the big picture. Managers promote employees who can contribute to the organization’s goals. If you don’t know how your job—and the position you want—actively supports the company’s strategy, you’ll have trouble persuading the higher-ups to trust you with more responsibility.


  • You don’t manage time effectively. If you miss deadlines regularly, or you’re always late, you’ll earn a reputation for being disorganized that will hold you back. Learn to master the to-do list and other time management tools so no one can complain that you’re not on top of your duties.

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