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How ninety dollars went missing

Ernie hated days like this.

Earlier, a biker guy came in for a lighter. When Ernie grabbed the right one from the display next to the cash register, his entire inventory spilled all over the floor.

Even when the customer helped clean up the mess, there still lighters everywhere for the ret of the afternoon.

Then, this little college girl came in to break a hundred by buying a pack of cigarettes, but kept changing her mind about what brand she wanted from the racks behind the counter. Ernie had to spin around so often, he felt dizzy. He wondered if she even smoked, or if she was getting the pack for someone else.

Finally, just before closing, a couple of punk rock kids came in and started hassling Ernie. He tolerated them because he was a little wild in his day too. They knocked over a few displays before buying some cans of soda.

With the doors locked, Ernie counted up the day’s receipts, a puzzled look crossed his face as he realized that ninety dollars was missing from the till. He knew that he could not make such a glaring mistake, so he decided to check the eye in the sky.

Ernie’s nephew had installed it a few months ago, it is a security camera shaped like a smoke detector, that looks right down at the cash register. Ernie liked it because the customers didn’t have to feel like they had a camera trained on them the whole time.

And all his nephew had to do was plug it into an outlet in the drop ceiling. It’s wireless transmitter sent a signal to his video recorder in the back.

He scanned the tape until he saw the biker guy. Ernie watched the guy help pick up all the lighters and the cash drawer slowly drifted open. He must not have closed it all the way! But it didn’t matter, as no one reached around and grabbed any cash.

Ernie scanned some more and found the punk rockers. They were troublemakers and it looked as if they were messing with the charity jar. Not only did they not steal anything, but the one with safety pin stuck through his eyebrow stuck a dollar in the jar when he thought no one was looking.

On the verge of giving up and accepting his huge mistake, Ernie spotted something, It was the cigarette girl. Ernie watched as she lay  a hundred dollar bill on the counter and how she begged him to take it. The camera had caught her switching the hundred dollar bill with a ten dollar bill when his back was turned. With it’s high resolution, Ernie had proof that she had conned him.

He picked up the phone to call his friend at the police department.

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Ventures Unlimited

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