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How do you tell them apart?

“The problem is,” Mr. Burke scolded, “you’ve got a pair of twins dealing in stolen goods in the back of their pawn shop. It’s not clear on tape which one is breaking the law. Only one of them is on tape at a time. And there’s no way for me to prosecute either one of them as no jury is going to be able to tell them apart on this tape”.

Rich was crushed. He wanted his first undercover assignment to go well and he had brought back unusable footage. Since he already had a rapport with the brothers, he didn’t think it would too diffucult for them to incriminate themselves again.

Then it dawned on him. The twins were wearing different colored shirts! On Rich’s black and white recording, both shirts looked grey. If he could sneak a color camera onto the premises, he would have all the proof he needed to move forward.

His technician hooked him with a neck-tie hidden camera that concealed a color camera. And anything he saw would be recorded with the built-in dvr. And they could watch it on a computer.

Sure enough, the brothers recognized him as soon as he walked in. The one in the yellow shirt escorted him to their back room, where he invited Rich to purchase as many stolen televisions and stereos as he could handle.

Once caught on tape Rich expected him to cut a deal pretty quickly and implicate his brother and the rest of their crew.

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