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Hotel/Travel security

Security-wise travelers need to learn how to travel safely. This awareness begins with a realization that they must take reasonable precautions to protect themselves and their personal property. When traveling, remember not to let go of your common sense. Once you enter your room, make sure everything is in working order, this means the locks, the phone, the lights, the shower. Everything! Here are some safety tips to help make your hotel stay more enjoyable:

* Keep your eye on your luggage. Accompany the bellman with your luggage to your room.

* Request a key that does not have a room number on it. Do not display your keys. Do not leave them on a restaurant table or other places where they can be stolen.

* Women travelers should inquire in advance about the lock system in the hotel. An electric key controlĀ  system with keys that are reprogrammed for each guest provides the best security.

* Have the key in handĀ to avoid fumbling in the hallway. This helps you to focus on your surroundings.

* If you see loiterers in the hallway near your room, just go past your room, and around the corner. Or pretend you forgot something, go to the front desk and report the loiterers.

* Don’t open your door for just anyone. Call the front desk to verify their identity. Do not invite strangers to your room for anything.

* Be aware of the fire exits locations. Do not display cash, expensive jewelry or important documents. Use the room safes.

* Be sure sliding doors or windows or connecting doors are locked.

* When traveling with children, provide adult supervision and know their whereabouts at all times. Women travelers should choose a hotel where the surrounding streets and parking lots are well lit and everybody must enter through a central lobby.

* When completing a guest registry, consider using an initial for your first name. And use your business address instead of your home address.

Remember, Don’t be a victim!

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