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Hidden cameras strike again

I’m always looking for stories about how someone puts a hidden camera to good use. Here’s one.

Christina had been tracking Reverend Ripoff for years. In her job
as an investigative journalist, she had encountered some slimy
people, but she always thought this guy beat them all.

A few years ago, a viewer had told her about a shady charity
run by Reverend Rip that was taking donations and government
grants for inner city education programs. Instead of providing state
of the art computer systems for students to use at the community center,
Reverend Rip’s stooges some decrepit boxes of transistors that could
barely add.

Christina had chased the money trail back to Reverend Rip,
and it looked like his innocent followers were footing the bill for
a string of four-star hotel stays and a garage full of fancy cars. But
he was careful. He chose destinations far from his flock, where nobody
knew his name. He tipped generously, so he could hustle out the
back entrance at the first sign of a camera crew or a private

Reverend Rip was slick, and he used accounting loopholes to uphold
the letter of the law, so the feds couldn’t do anything. Christina knew
that the only way to help his deceived donors understand his true nature
was to capture him on tape.

Christiana’s cameraman, Bill, jumped at the chance to test out a
new gadget. “It looks like a wrist watch,”  he said.

“He hooked it up so that it could send a strong video signal back to
their news van, or even a nearby hotel room.”

That week, Christina trailed the Rev to a luxury golf resort. All she had
to do was stay close by to capture footage of her target in compromising acts.

Because she stayed in public places, she wasn’t violating anyone’s privacy.
And she got more than she bargained for when she caught the married
Rev sucking face with one of the bar staff.

Whether or not it was enough evidence to convict him of fraud,
the footage did make a big splash on Christiana’s newscast.

The Rev abandoned his constant public lecturing in favor of a
more practical, “no comment.”

A few months after he packed up and left town.

Christiana’s station helped raise funds for a nice set
of computers for those kids — who also learned a lesson in

And remember, “Don’t be a victim!”

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