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Hidden Cameras as part of your Home Security System

We are constantly hearing of some crooked politician being caught in a compromising situation, by a spy camera or hidden camera, but do you really know what they actually are? For those who have been living in a cave for the past couple decades, this article will not only explain what these devices are, but how they can be incorporated into your current home security plan.

Spy cameras or hidden cameras are simply miniaturized surveillance cameras. They were originally designed, and used exclusively by intelligence agencies, and law enforcement, as an evidence gathering tool.

The real power of a hidden camera , or spy camera, is not that they prevent these crimes, it is that they can provide video evidence that law enforcement needs.

When utilized properly a spy camera can add an extra layer of protection to your home. But the question is how best to use these devices.

There are dozens of points around your home that a skilled burglar can enter through, but unless they are breaking into your home for the fun of it, they are heading to one of two locations. Either the master bedroom, because this is where the owners usually keep the cash and jewelry, or the living room, because of the high value electronics. So we position these cameras in the hallways leading to these rooms, or in the room themselves.

With the wide variety of enclosures for these cameras, finding one that blends into your homes decor will not be a problem. If you look around your home right now, there is nothing that cannot be made into a covert camera. They can be placed into ordinary objects around the home including things like plants, smoke detectors, clock radios, stuffed teddies, even a oil painting. The fact that these cameras can be placed into so many ordinary items, means that you have unlimited options as far as positioning your surveillance cameras.

These cameras can also be useful in households that employ a child care provider. Due to the concerns of many working professionals, nanny cameras were created. Fundamentally they are not different from spy cameras. . . actually it is the very same product being marketed to a different customer base.

Every parent will have concerns about leaving their child in the care of a nanny. They would like to be certain that this person is giving the same level of care that they would give, if the parent were present. You could ask the caregiver, and take them at their word, or set up a nanny cam, and find out for yourself.

Hidden cameras will make a great addition to the safety, and security of your family. They are available for every budget, and come disguised as everything from an air freshener to an  electical outlet, They can be used for everything from hardening your homes security, to child safety. You are bound to find a use for these devices in your home… you are only limited by your imagination.

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