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Healthy Living includes Your Emotional Wellness

Emotional health is an important component of healthy living and plays a very important role in our overall well being. It is important that you do not just take care of yourself physically but also emotionally.

What does emotional wellness look like? Often that comes up for debate. The bottom line is that your emotional health includes:

• Reducing the stress in your life

• Finding your happy space

• Be in a good place spiritually

• Stop worrying – for the most part that’s just your overactive imagination at work. Instead, save your energy to deal with what happens instead of wasting emotional energy on what might happen

• Learn how to control your anger. Get outside help if you need it.

• Keep your mind challenged through participation in mind games

• Be intellectually engaged

• Smile lots – you might be surprised at the key role this plays in a positive emotional well being

• Listening to your mind in the same way you listen to your body

• Learn how to deal with frustration

• Learn how to boost your self esteem – there are tons of little things you can do that can help

• Don’t forget to laugh lots. Laughing really is a great medicine for your emotional well being.

• Strive to develop positive feelings and eliminate negative feelings

• Recognizing when you are depressed or in need of outside help and seeking it

Emotional wellness is very important in our lives. We need to learn to live with both the good feelings and the bad feelings that make up our day to day lives. Our minds really can be our own worst enemy, so work hard to recognize that and to nurture your emotional well being. So when it comes to your health, don’t forget to include your emotional health too!

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