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Go ahead; ask for more—58 percent of hiring managers are willing to increase offers

If you’re in the business of finding a new job, you might want to stop and consider your offer before you sign on. According to, if the figure you’re being offered seems low—it probably is. In a recent survey, conducted on 875 hiring managers, 58 percent said they leave some room for negotiation when they make their initial offers.


Most hiring managers accommodate those who ask for a better salary, according to the survey. Almost six in 10 reported that they will make a new offer once, and one in 10 will make a new offer twice or more if they really want the candidate. Only 30 percent of the hiring managers say their first offer is their final offer.


“Attempting to negotiate a better salary is almost always in a candidate’s best interest,” says Richard Castellini, vice president of Consumer Marketing and senior career adviser for “In fact nearly one in 10 hiring managers say they think less of a candidate who accepts the first offer. Salary negotiations demonstrate a candidate’s determination, persistence and recognition of the value he or she brings to an employer.” Castellini says that the following tips can help candidates get a better offer:


  • Prove your worth. Thirty-four percent of hiring managers say highlighting specific accomplishments can help you negotiate a better salary in a convincing way.


  • Make sure your references are strong. Why? Because almost one in three hiring managers say they consider references first when it comes to salary negotiations.


  • Know the market. One in 10 employers say knowing average salaries for your position and market is the best way to get an edge.
  • Be careful. Thirteen percent of hiring managers say that showing an offer from another competitor is an effective tactic. But use caution, as this tactic can backfire and you could lose the job completely.

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