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Five steps to a clean garage workshop

You park your car in the driveway and you still have  to work on your projects in the backyard. If you don’t use your garage for it’s designed purpose, why not turn it into a tidy workshop?

Here are 5  easy steps to turning your garage into a tidy workshop”

1) Create your own workbench from an old door, some sawhorses, or scrap wood.

2) Mount a pegboard on the wall to store your tools. It would be a great idea to mount it above your workbench. Strategically place pegs according to the type of tools you will be placing on the board. After placing your tools, trace around them with a marker so you will know where each one goes.

3) Use old jars to hold nuts, bolts, and screws.

4) Make a storage box for rags, as they tend to accumulate in the work area.

5) Use a small tackle box for transporting screws and nails around the shop.

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