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Fire escape ladders and your home

If you own a home – a fire escape ladder is great to have. It can save your life and should therefore be a part of your residential security. A fire can completely engulf your home, normally in less than a minute. Even though you have fire extinguishers and smoke alarms there, the fire can get out of control fast, surrounding you in smoke and making it impossible for you to get out. To protect yourself and your family, you should have a fire ladder at your home at all times.

You don’t need to have an expensive fire escape ladder, just one that is durable and sturdy. Fixed structure fire escape ladders are the best to have simply because you don’t have to assemble them. With a fixed structure fire escape ladder, all you have to do is climb down to safety because fixed structure fire escape ladders are permanently attached to your home, so, they will always be there when you need them.

When you look for residential fire escape ladders, you will find there are several types to choose from. There are chain and rung fire escape ladders that are designed for multiple stories, to those that reach even higher. You can also have permanent interior ladders, permanent exterior ladders, collapsible fire escape ladders,  and even retractable fire escape ladders. Fire escape ladders are a great method of fire safety.

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment or seen the outside of one, you’ve probably seen their fire escapes. Fire escapes, depending on how many stories the building may be, will vary from simple ladders to steps. The fire escape is very important, especially with tall buildings. Those who live on the higher floors must have fire escapes, so they too can exit the building in case of a fire.

For your home, you can purchase a fire escape kit, which will contain a heavy duty fire escape ladder that can be assembled up to 40 feet in length. These kits will also contain smoke hoods, that will help keep the smoke out of your face. Most come with chemical sticks and a horn as well, so that you can let fire fighters know where you are in the home when they arrive.

As you can tell, fire escape ladders are very important to have in your home. Homes that are 2 stories or more simply must have fire escape ladders. Fire escape ladders are perfect for safety and may one day, save your life. Even though they may cost you money and a bit of time to install, it is one investment that you’ll never go wrong with.

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