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Fall in love (or at least like) with your job

Does your job feel like unrewarding drudgery with no relief in sight? It may be so, but with jobs at a premium these days it’s best to look on the bright side of even the most unrewarding job. Here are some ways to find fulfillment and be a better employee in the process. Who knows, you may even learn to like it!


• Do what others won’t. For example, volunteer to take the minutes of your next meeting. It lets you expand on items of interest to you and helps shape follow-up actions. Besides, you can’t fall asleep when you know you have to take good notes.


• Don’t abuse your manager’s availability. Try to solve your problems on your own first, then approach your supervisor with possible solutions when he or she has time to talk.


• Do overstep your bounds. It’s better to seize authority than to ask meekly for it. If you take a proactive lead on looking out for the best interests of your organization, you’ll be given even greater leeway.


• Realize no one assumes you’re brilliant. Everyone’s busy with their own concerns, so you need to create the energy for your ideas by talking them up, asking for opinions, involving others, and seeking support.

Remember, Don’t be a victim!



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