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Ensuring a safe, clean and secure hotel room

It’s a scenario familiar to any business traveler. Your airline flight was delayed, the cab line at the airport was endless and check-in was a mess. Jet lag has struck. It’s very late, you’re tired and you have a breakfast meeting with a key client at 6:30 am. You grab your key, avoid the bellman and head to your room to collapse into bed. Stop. Take the next 5 minutes to perform these safety, security and cleanliness checks and prepare for the next day. These “how-to’s” will save you time the next morning, they could even save your life someday:

1. When you enter your room, prop┬áthe door open, turn on the lights, and check the closets, bathroom, under the bed and behind the drapes. Mistakes do happen and sometimes someone else has been assigned to your room. This happens most frequently in suites with adjoin bedrooms that can be sold as separate rooms.Or, there could be a thief. In any case, don’t close the door until you make sure the room is empty.

2. Check that the connecting doors, windows and sliding doors are locked. In general, avoid the first floor rooms with sliding doors.

3. Once you lock the door and attached the safety chain, check the diagram on the back to review the nearest exits and mentally plan your escape route. Look out the door to check that the exit signs are illuminated. If the lights are out, be helpful and contact the front desk to let them know. The few seconds it takes to review the exit information can save your life in the event of a fire, earthquake or other emergency. Just do it. FYI, most fire engine ladders can only reach the 6th floor.

4. Make sure that the heat/air conditioner, lights, phone, radio and television are working. Turn on the shower and sink to check the water pressure and temperature. If they are not working, switch rooms now. It’s not worth waiting for someone to fix the problem, especially late at night.

Dedicated to your Peace of Mind and Real Security,

Ventures Unlimited

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