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Don’t stagnate. Innovate.

As we approach the end of the year, many employees will soon turn their thoughts to making next year the year they put themselves ahead of the pack, raise their profiles within their organizations and make themselves natural contenders for promotion. As only doing more and more of the same only leads to stagnation, not only for individuals, but for the company too. Why not make next year your year of innovation? Employers love innovators, because without them, they would soon fall behind the times and soon be overcome by their completion. No matter what area off business you work in, there is always room for innovation. Here are a few tips to get you thinking: 1. Live, eat and breathe innovation. Think about how changes in technology or to systems and processes can save your employer money, and actively seek out opportunities to innovate and make and make a name for yourself. 2. Don’t get stuck in today. Think about the bigger picture and what will be needed weeks, months, even years in the future. 3. Look beyond your own team or department. Often, it is easier for “outsiders” to see opportunities for innovation than someone closely involved. 4. Speak up. An idea is useless if you keep it inside your own head. If you spot opportunities speak up and act on your inspiration. Remember,

Don’t be a victim!

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