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Don’t shoot your career in the foot with these missteps

You’d never sabotage your chances of career success, but some people just can’t seem to help themselves. Learn to steer clear of these habits or traits that can stall your progress or doom your career, no matter what kind of job you have:

* Always being right. Managers or co-workers can’t trust an employee who won’t admit a mistake or pretends to know everything. Do your best at all times and be prepared to ask questions when you don’t understand something.

* Letting your network dwindle. Once you’ve achieved a level of success, you may think you don’t need other people’s help any more. In reality, you’ll go further with a strong group of colleagues who you can depend on for advice and information no matter what your position is. Stay in touch with your contacts, and keep reaching out for new ones.

* Being too humble. You can’t let your accomplishments speak for themselves. Keep track of what you’ve achieved, and let other people know about it – without bragging. You can convince your manager you’re ready for tougher assignments by naming the projects you’ve completed. and show off your expertise to co-workers by reminding them of problems you’ve confronted and solved.

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